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The trusted leader in cloud-based technologies for associations and credentialing organizations

ACGI Software

ACGI Software is the trusted leader in cloud-based technologies for associations and credentialing organizations. ACGI’s Association Anywhere® association management system (AMS) and Certelligence™ credentialing management system (CMS) are built on a secure, enterprise-class platform. Highly configurable, extensible, and integrates with best-in-class Web, mobile and back-office applications. Learn more at: http://www.acgisoftware.com.


  • Association Anywhere AMS

    Association Anywhere is cloud-based association management software (AMS) used by leading associations and association management companies to streamline operations, enhance member service and enable constant innovation. Integrated with your organization’s Web, back-office and mobile applications, Association Anywhere aggregates and manages membership, financial and operational information in a single, secure database.
    - See more at: http://www.acgisoftware.com/products/association-anywhere-ams/#sthash.uVMreXIB.dpuf

    More Information » www.acgisoftware.com/products/association-anywhere...

    Association Anywhere AMS
  • Certelligence Credentialing Management System

    Certelligence™ by ACGI Software is a hosted credentialing management system that enables the effective operation of even the most complicated certification and accreditation programs. Built on a proven enterprise database platform, Certelligence provides a comprehensive suite of modules that can be configured to automate and streamline your most critical business functions, including:


    • Application submissions and processing
    • Customer relationship management
    • Marketing
    • Event management
    • E-commerce
    • Billing and payment processing
    • Reporting/business intelligence

    Certelligence provides built-in self-service components that are easily integrated with your web and mobile sites, giving candidates, certificants and participants, 24×7 access to valuable online features and personalized resources, in real time.

    - See more at: http://www.acgisoftware.com/products/certelligence/#sth...
    More Information » www.acgisoftware.com/products/certelligence

    Certelligence Credentialing Management S...



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