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Since 1998, Boxwood has been the number one provider of online career centers for associations. With headquarters in Herndon, VA, and Baltimore, MD, our organization has provided almost a thousand associations with successful online career centers.


  • Job Board Program

    Our job board technology allows you to generate significant non-dues revenue and satisfy members with a popular benefit that’s easy to deliver. We manage customer support, billing and collections, and provide proven marketing guidance to help you generate the best possible results.

    More Information » www.boxwoodtech.com/services/job_board.cfm

  • Career Development Program

    Whether your members need help writing a resume, negotiating a higher salary or promotion, adjusting to a new management position, or simply want to balance life and work, your career center can offer the tools they appreciate at every stage of their career—from graduation into retirement.

    More Information » www.boxwoodtech.com/services/career_development.cf...

  • Career Fair System

    The Boxwood Career Fair System increases your success with online and onsite job fairs by helping job seekers and employers connect in advance via your job board. You’re free to generate more participation and stage a well-organized, high-value experience that delivers more non-dues revenue for your organization.

    More Information » www.boxwoodtech.com/services/career_fair.cfm

  • Career Learning Centers

    Our Career Learning Center is a place for members to visit to acquire career and professional development training. Our online portal enables members to access educational material at their convenience. The basic version of the Career Learning Center includes career-centric educational modules provided by Boxwood in a Starter Library. We’ll periodically add to the library to help keep the material fresh.

    More Information » www.boxwoodtech.com/services/learning_centers.cfm

  • MarketPlace

    Providing users with a relevant industry resource empowers your virtual community and brings more relevance to your association, and the right kind of traffic to your website. This fully-hosted system allows your association to tailor classifieds to your specific industry giving you the ability to personalize and trademark your own site. There is no other system as targeted that provides a platform to produce an additional stream of non-dues revenue and meet the exclusive needs of your audience.

    More Information » www.boxwoodtech.com/services/marketplace.cfm

  • eCareer Mentor

    Successful executives from Bill Gates (Microsoft) to Bill Hewlett (HP) have said mentoring was a major factor in their success, and research proves that mentoring programs help both the mentor and the mentee. In addition, research shows that professionals in successful mentoring relationships retain an allegiance to both their counterparts and the group that brought them together. Now, Boxwood makes it easier for mentors and mentees to connect. Boxwood’s eCareerMentor module simplifies the organization of your association’s own mentoring program and allows you to provide your members the advanced tools they need to further their careers. Our eCareerMentor module fits seamlessly into your existing job board, and automates the initial meet-up between mentors and mentees. It is an affordable, easy-to-implement feature that will help you add another layer of exciting member benefits to your website and online career center.

    More Information » www.boxwoodtech.com/services/eMentor.cfm




  • Matt Dorn

    Manager, Accounts Division
    National Healthcare Career Network

  • Terri Pla

    Vice President
    National Healthcare Career Network