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NEW THINK in the world of meetings. 

What is NEW THINK? It's fixing what isn't broken, and making it better. It's challenging the status quo ... and winning. It's helping Associations, Corporations, and DMOs drive their meeting business ahead in ways they never imagined. NEW THINK is our whole-brained, whole team approach to thriving in today's challenging business environment. And you can only get it at MYB. 

Today's world demands NEW THINK ... That's why we're Minding Your Business

For the Associations ... 

Your memebrs want more. Your value is under a very revealing microscope. Technology has transformed the way your members want to connect, but harnessing its power stretches your resources. Reaching your audience now means reaching across generations, and those gaps can be wide. Your competitors have become more formidable. Your board sees the challenges and wants solutions. 

At MYB, our unique combination of strategy, creative, and passion for our work has helped turn these new challenges into big possibilities for a wide range of associations. Possibilities to re-invigorate every angle of your association -- from member acquisition to staying in touch with your existing audience to bringing them all together. Our collaborative approach digs deep into the unique needs of your association, helping you break down silos and connect the dots to get back on course. Together, let's uncover new revenue opportunities. Let's solidify future growth by creating relevancy for your members, It's all possible with NEW THINK. 


  • Association Strategy

    Every building start with blueprints. Every winning sports team uses game planes. We are complete believers that your projects should be no different. Starting with a solid strategic foundation is the key to success, so we offer services that can help you get there, including: 

    • Strategic Analysis & Planning
    • Board Facilitation
    • Monetization/New Revenue Streams
    • Strategic Sponsorship & Partnership Programs
    • Organizational & Annual Meeting Assessment 
    • Research 

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  • Marketing & Audience Acquisition

    These days marketing has to do more than get your members listening to you -- it has to get them talking about you, too. With a proven track record of executing effective customized communication plans, MYB keeps upt to date on the best marketing trends to keep you on your targets' minds and in their conversations year-round. Some of our key marketing services include: 

    • Marketing & Communications plans
    • 365 member engagement 
    • Segmentation
    • Brand assessments and full-brand design 
    • Creative development and execution 
    • Websites & online marketing 
    • Social Media strategies & execution 

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  • Meeting Design & Event Production

    NEW THINK meeting design extends far beyond the traditional nuts and bolts of bringing your members together once a year. Our team designs an experience that amplifies your message and engages your attendees before, during and after your meeting. We are also experts at bringing the experience to life with flawleess production. We handle these needs and more: 

    • Experiential Touchpoint Mapping and IQ
    • Conference Branding 
    • General Session management
    • Attendee engagement tactics

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  • Meeting Planning & Logistics

    The best plans can go awry without amazingly skilled professionals providing support behind the scenes. That's why we not only provide strategy and meeting design, but we have an outstanding logistics team to assure we make it happen flawlessly from start to finish. They provide these services and more: 

    • Sourcing & contract negotiations
    • Event planning
    • On site staffing & execution 
    • Budget management 
    • Registration 
    • Speaker/VIP management 

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