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CommPartners helps associations engage communities through Elevate, the only LMS that integrates webinars and eLearning options such as courses, blended learning, videos, podcasts, and topical discussions.


CommPartners believes that effective online learning stems from a well-planned and intelligent approach, with a core focus on creating positive user experiences. We are the leader in helping associations and non-profits provide meaningful online education and engagement opportunities.

  • Learning Communities and Platforms
  • Managed Webinars, Webcasts and Livestream Events
  • Multimedia Production and Conference Services
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Virtual Board Meetings

Elevate Learning Suite was conceived and developed to be a center for education and community building. We have developed two options to choose from:

  • Learning Management System: Our preeminent knowledge platform that provides a single destination to engage your community in many ways including, custom developed courses, blended learning, webinars, virtual conferences, Podcasts, polls, interactive forums and other methods.
  • Event Producer: A live learning center, branded and configured to integrate with your website, AMS and payment gateway. Event Producer brings together knowledge from experts with peer ideas and experiences to provide a more holistic, live learning experience for your participants.

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