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  • Technology-Sponsored Webcasts and Buyers' Guides
    Hi-Fidelity Group, Inc.

    Our association and publisher partnerships gives the Hi-Fidelity Group unique access to technology to help drive media and event revenue.  Learn more about our Webvent webcast, directory, and buyers' guide platforms.  www.webvent.tv

    Technology-Sponsored Webcasts and Buyers...
  • Marketing and Communications
    Hi-Fidelity Group, Inc.

    Let Hi-Fidelity Group help you position your non-dues programs, events or sponsorships through a strategic marketing campaign.  The B2B landscape has changed dramatically and shows no signs of slowing down. Connecting with your customers is more critical than ever, and Hi-Fidelity Group can help you share your story.

    Marketing and Communications
  • Non-Dues Business Development
    Hi-Fidelity Group, Inc.

    Sales and marketing for your non-dues programs.  Hi-Fidelity Group understands how much work goes into earning your customer’s business. Partner with us to build new customer experiences through events, media or marketing communication. If your association or organization needs full sales representation, consulting or support, Hi-Fidelity Group can help you hit the right notes.

    Non-Dues Business Development
  • Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales
    Hi-Fidelity Group, Inc.

    Hi-Fidelity Group provides full sales, logistics representation and creative support to your next expo hall or conference project.

    Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales
  • Association Compensation and Benefits Survey
    Association Forum

    It's been a long-time challenge for associations to find the best ways to fairly compensate employees while still attracting and retaining the most desirable candidates. Underpay, and employees will eventually look for a better offer. Overpay, and your budgets and profitability will suffer. That’s why it’s imperative that you reference the Association Forum of Chicagoland’s 2016-17 Compensation & Benefits Survey. Don’t allow others to determine the market for you.

    Association Compensation and Benefits Su...
  • International Online Registration & Housing
    MCI Group

    Advanced Statistical Reporting | Customised Registration Management Solutions | Easy to Use | Enhanced User Experience | Fully Integrated System | In-house Management | Secure Online Payment | Social Media Integrated System


    MCI Group
  • Global Content Dissemination
    MCI Group

    Create new ROI Opportunities | Develop a Wider Scope | Extend Event Life Cycle | Increase Event ROI | Re-disseminate Content | Re-purpose


    MCI Group
  • Local Destination Management, AV & Production
    MCI Group

    Accommodations | Airport Transfers | Audio Visual | Design & Printing | Destination Selection | Group Experiences | Guides & Hospitality | Local Programs & Tours | Production | Social or Special Events | Strategy & Creative Design | Transportation | VIP Management


    MCI Group
  • Public Affairs
    MCI Group

    Communications and Public Relations | Government Relations and Advocacy | Issues Monitoring and Management | Public Funding and Public-private Partnerships | Stakeholder Management and Engagement | Strategic Analysis


    MCI Group
  • International Conference Management
    MCI Group

    Delegate Building | Event Strategy | Exhibition Management | Financial Management | Global /Local Supply Chain | Green Meeting Strategy | Online Abstract Management | Online Housing & Registration | Operations & Logistics Management | Post Analysis | Program Development | Site Selection & Negotiating | Sponsorship Development


    MCI Group
  • Delegate Acquisition
    MCI Group

    Build Association and Congress Brand | Build Congress Revenues | Local Outreach Campaign | Reach Markets around the World | Strengthen Delegate Participation


    MCI Group
  • Market Development Consulting
    MCI Group

    Building Market Access & Demand | Business Planning | Customer Research | Global Supply Chain Development | MARCOM & Social Media Audits & Campaigns  |Market Analysis | Partner Analysis & Development | Product & Portfolio Audits


    MCI Group
  • Local Market Expertise
    MCI Group

    Business Development | Certification | Chapter Management | Commercial Business License | Finance | Integrated Member Services | Low Risk/Turnkey Business Model | MARCOM & PR | Open Regional or Country Offices | Partner Development | Public Affairs | Tax Management | Training

    MCI Group
  • Voce' - Your Association's Mobile App
    Breakthrough Technologies LLC

    Communicate with your association members through your own iOS/Android mobile app. Voce' allows Associations to upload content, post surveys, and send updates directly to members without having the neusance of sending endless emails.  Starting as low as $1,000/month

    Voce' - Your Association's Mobile App
  • Open-Source Options
    Breakthrough Technologies LLC

    Not using Drupal? That’s ok with us! Our open-source expertise goes far beyond Drupal. We can build, or redesign, a Wordpress site for you or create a new LAMP stack application that solves a pain point for your company.

    Open-Source Options
  • Staff Augmentation
    Breakthrough Technologies LLC

    BT will provide you with talented individuals, or a team, to work alongside your own technical resources. We are happy to be an extension of your own staff, just tell us how you want to collaborate. Need a project manager and three developers, or simply one business analyst? We can support your staff augmentation needs, from a one-day consultation to a 2,000+ hour project.

    Staff Augmentation
  • Drupal Maintenance & Support
    Breakthrough Technologies LLC

    Look no further than BT if you need, or want, better maintenance and support services for your existing Drupal site. And you have choices! We offer a few different service plans so you can have what works best for your staff, and your budget. Don’t worry about implementing security and critical Drupal updates, or fixing bugs – let us handle it for you!

    Drupal Maintenance & Support
  • Drupal Web Solutions
    Breakthrough Technologies LLC

    With multiple Acquia Grand Masters (the highest Drupal certification), BT is a leading Drupal shop. We can build you a website, or scale Drupal to an enterprise solution, integrating external libraries and applications to perform complex tasks.

    Drupal Web Solutions
  • Event App

    One Mobile App for all your association events.

    Event App
  • Nucleus
    Gravitate Solutions

    Nucleus a data aggregation and analysis platform built specifically for associations that connects and aggregates data from disparate sources, empowering data-driven decision-making through visualization and analysis.

    Nucleus can blend, transform, and analyze data from various sources including an AMS, LMS, event management systems, email, Google Analytics, and more.

    Finally, every piece of member data is in one location.

  • Zurich
    Gravitate Solutions

    Sell registrations, memberships, merchandise, publications and subscriptions at your events with Gravitate’s easy-to-use, mobile point-of-sale product, Zurich.

    Take Zurich onsite with you at your organization’s next event and seamlessly register attendees on-site, sell merchandise, renew memberships, check-in attendees and print badges, and accept charitable donations on-the-fly. And everything will seamlessly appear in your netFORUM database after the show. No need to rekey any info!

  • Audit Services
    Dugan & Lopatka

    You seek a firm that understands the nature of your organization – saving you time and effort during the audit and tax process and answering accounting questions throughout the year. Dugan & Lopatka has been meeting the needs of nonprofit organizations since 1974. We have a large staff dedicated to our nonprofit clients.

    Our clients can readily see the difference between a specialist and a general accounting and auditing firm in our innovative ideas, the rewards we bring to them from having a great deal of experience working with nonprofits and through the quality and timeliness of our work.

    We understand that most nonprofits have accounting and tax questions throughout the year, but limited funds to pay outside advisors for answers. Our long-standing policy is not to charge clients for routine phone calls. We want you to call us.

    Audit Services
  • Oasis LMS
    Oasis LMS

    Oasis LMS
  • WJ Weiser Association Management - A Naylor Company
    Naylor Association Solutions

    WJ Weiser Association Management, A Naylor Company, provides a variety of association management services to more than 50 associations. Weiser provides a variety of short- and long-term staffing solutions in areas including: finance and accounting; technology, educational program management, government relations, fundraising and development; marketing and communications; and membership services. Weiser is also proficient at helping associations transition from a volunteer-led model to a full-time management model led by a team of seasoned managers who deliver increased efficiencies and improved results.

    Association Management Company
    Temporary Employee Services

    WJ Weiser Association Management - A Nay...
  • Naylor Event Solutions
    Naylor Association Solutions

    Events are often an association’s single most valuable vehicle for generating revenue and driving member engagement, branding and industry relevance. Running a successful event burdens even the largest associations; it is very labor intensive to manage all event logistics while simultaneously dedicating staff to handle exhibit and sponsorship sales plus the attendee marketing. While there are many event management companies out there to lean on for help, very few are focused solely on serving the needs of professional and trade associations. Naylor Event Solutions is one of them. Attracting enthusiastic sponsors, exhibitors and attendees are the essential elements for a successful event and that is what we do best. We function as a true strategic partner to customize a solution that meets your event’s objectives and creates a long-term strategy to optimize the event itself.

    Meetings & Special Events
    Event Production
    Exhibit / Sponsorship Sales

    Naylor Event Solutions
  • Naylor Learning Solutions
    Naylor Association Solutions

    Naylor Learning Solutions, in partnership with Blue Sky eLearn, is changing the future of online learning by offering better ways of capturing, managing and monetizing educational and video content. From simple video libraries to fully managed webinars, Naylor helps associations increase non-dues revenue and ensures their educational content reaches a larger audience. Boasting the industry’s first and only event-based learning management system, our exclusive Path™ LMS offers a full range of learning solutions to suit any association’s content delivery needs. Our mission is to ensure associations never miss the opportunity to leverage the value of one-time events by offering members and prospective members on-demand access to the association’s most relevant content.

    Webinar Services
    Virtual Tradeshow Services
    Distance Learning

    Naylor Learning Solutions
  • Timberlake AMS Solutions - A Naylor Company
    Naylor Association Solutions

    Timberlake AMS Solutions offers an all-in-one software solution to power both your association and your website. Our AMS software includes a comprehensive website content management system that provides a new site and member portal - instantly integrating your membership data.

    AMS / Customer Relationship Management Systems
    Web Development - Content & Mechanics
    Web Development - Design
    AMS / Customer Relationship Management Systems
    Application Service Provider

    Timberlake AMS Solutions - A Naylor Comp...
  • Boxwood Career Solutions - A Naylor Company
    Naylor Association Solutions

    Built exclusively for associations, a Boxwood Career Center puts your brand front and center. In addition to building the association’s brand, this approach generates better SEO results for your website. Boxwood is the only career center endorsed by ASAE since 2002.

    Boxwood Career Solutions - A Naylor Comp...
  • Naylor Communications Solutions
    Naylor Association Solutions

    When it comes to how members perceive associations, the medium is often as important as the message. Naylor provides associations with an array of custom member communication solutions including magazines and e-newsletters; membership directories and buyers' guides; show guides, conference eShow dailies and mobile conference apps; website advertising and video. We also work with associations to manage their social media presence and ensure a consistent voice across all channels.

    Advertising Services / Suppliers
    Communication Services
    Nondues Revenue
    Contract Publishers

    Naylor Communications Solutions
  • Revenue Solutions
    Naylor Association Solutions

    We are experts at generating revenue for associations with a track record that is unmatched in the industry. We help monetize magazines, newsletters, career centers, events, websites, webinars, learning platforms, and more. Our combination of people, tools and approach to the market helps unlock the revenue potential of your association.

    Naylor Association Solutions
  • The Aura eStore
    Aura Innovative Technology


    Where USER ENGAGEMENT is everything
    Captivate your audience with our cutting edge e-learning system featuring on-demand courses, live webinars, event registration, quizzes, surveys, course credit, transcripts, eCommerce, & more!

    The Aura eStore team has created a fully configurable platform that allows your organization to pick & choose the features that best fit your needs to fulfill any budget or unique requests.

    The Aura eStore is built for ease of knowledge transfer, flexible eCommerce, and targeted marketing to help associations generate additional revenue while providing value added services and education to its members.

    The Aura eStore
  • Certelligence Credentialing Management System
    ACGI Software

    Certelligence™ by ACGI Software is a hosted credentialing management system that enables the effective operation of even the most complicated certification and accreditation programs. Built on a proven enterprise database platform, Certelligence provides a comprehensive suite of modules that can be configured to automate and streamline your most critical business functions, including:


    • Application submissions and processing
    • Customer relationship management
    • Marketing
    • Event management
    • E-commerce
    • Billing and payment processing
    • Reporting/business intelligence

    Certelligence provides built-in self-service components that are easily integrated with your web and mobile sites, giving candidates, certificants and participants, 24×7 access to valuable online features and personalized resources, in real time.

    - See more at: http://www.acgisoftware.com/products/certelligence/#sth...

    Certelligence Credentialing Management S...
  • Association Anywhere AMS
    ACGI Software

    Association Anywhere is cloud-based association management software (AMS) used by leading associations and association management companies to streamline operations, enhance member service and enable constant innovation. Integrated with your organization’s Web, back-office and mobile applications, Association Anywhere aggregates and manages membership, financial and operational information in a single, secure database.
    - See more at: http://www.acgisoftware.com/products/association-anywhere-ams/#sthash.uVMreXIB.dpuf

    Association Anywhere AMS
  • Blog: Authenticate to Create Relevant Learning Experiences

    Technology has done something interesting to the word “authenticate.” Once meaning “to establish as genuine,” today, authenticate is typically associated with a correct matching-up of codes or reference numbers to permit access.

    Blog: Authenticate to Create Relevant Le...
  • Blog: The Hidden Value of AMS - LMS Integration

    There are so many AMS offerings available. Most of us know the companies serving the association community. Why is integration with these systems and others so critical to the success of an association’s LMS?

    Blog: The Hidden Value of AMS - LMS Inte...
  • The eventScribe Mobile App

    One of the most robust mobile apps on the market for educational meetings. Draw, highlight, and take notes right on the presentation slides! Access a list of sessions, attendees, and speakers and find your way on the trade show floor with an interactive floor plan.

    The eventScribe Mobile App
  • The Conference Harvester

    The most streamlined way to collect data from speakers and exhibitors. Everything updates instantly to your mobile app and conference website!

    The Conference Harvester
  • The Abstract Scorecard

    The most unique abstract collection, review, and selection software on the planet. Make things easy with side-by-side reviews and detailed score analytics.

    The Abstract Scorecard
  • Do You Deliver Continuous Education to YOUR Attendees?

    The modern attendee wants more out of their conference. They want to be part of the experience even when they're not there. Make their dreams a reality with continuous education!

    Do You Deliver Continuous Education to Y...
  • Webinar Module and Hosted Webinar Services
    Webvent, Inc.

    Webvent manages your association’s webinar program that connects suppliers and audiences through expert presentations. We manage the full webinar life cycle from concept to invitation, registration, live webinar, follow-up and archive

    Webinar Module and Hosted Webinar Servic...
  • Professional Content Networks
    Webvent, Inc.

    More than a Buyers Guide - a Professional Content Network

    Webvent provides your association with a unique, online advertising platform. We help your association share content through sponsored webinars, white papers, product showcases, and company directories. This results in member benefits and additional non-dues revenue streams for your association.

    Professional Content Networks
  • Mercedes-Benz Superdome
    New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau

    The Mercedes-Benz Superdome has hosted major events for more than 35 years, including Superbowl XLVII and annual events like the Essence Music Festival and the Sugar Bowl. Association and corporate groups have taken advantage of the Superdome's versatility to create unique special events for their conventions, tradeshows, private parties, and meetings. The Superdome is a blank canvas for any size or type of meeting or event.

    Mercedes-Benz Superdome
  • Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
    New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau

    A brand new, state-of-the-art airport is slated for construction in 2014 and will be completed for New Orleans’ 300th anniversary in 2018.  The $826 million facility will be located on the north side of the current property.  The economic model will allow airlines to bring in more daily flights to better service meeting attendees and drive attendance.  The recent $300 million improvements in air service, facility and customer experience unveiled in Q1 2013 will be utilized over the next five years and then used in reproposing the existing terminal. 


    Southwest Airlines added 1.5 million new seats in Q1 of 2013.  There are 143 average daily departures with 17,977 average daily seats to 40 non-stop destinations.  New flights added to Dallas/Ft. Worth and Cancun as of May 2013, and New York, Los Angeles and Austin by November 2013.  New Orleans First City to Debut New American Airlines Embraer E-175 Jet, which will increase s...

    Louis Armstrong New Orleans Internationa...
  • Testimonials
    New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau

    The Clean Show, June 2013
    "Clean 2013 was a success. It's no small task presenting an industrial trade show with working equipment that requires the full spectrum of utilities an exhibition hall offers. Much credit must go to the extraordinary staff of the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. Thanks also to the people at the Convention and Visitors Bureau for always being ready to help us, and for being such welcoming hosts"
    -Paul Philips, Clean 2013 / World Educational Congress for Laundering and Drycleaning

    Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, April 2013
    "Throughout the course of my career I have had the pleasure of working with a number of top tier destinations. None have matched the level of service and professionalism that we experienced during the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) this past April. The city of New Orleans, the convention center, hotel/hospitality community and the staff of the NOCVB were al...

  • Easy Meeting Planning - Why Use the New Orleans CVB
    New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau

    The New Orleans Convention and Visitor's Bureau represents over 1,100 members including the best hotels, convention facilities, restaurants and attractions in the Crescent City. From single hotel meetings to citywide events, our experienced team utilizes innovative ways to ease your workload, save you time and money and help realize the greatest return on your event. No other organization is more prepared to provide you with the most valuable, comprehensive information about planning, promoting and conducting a meeting in New Orleans.

    Easy Meeting Planning - Why Use the New...
  • Marketing & Strategy
    McKenna Design Group Inc

    Member Assessments | Communications Audit | Strategic Planning | CRM | Positioning | Pricing | Change Management

    McKenna Design Group Inc
  • Technology & Online
    McKenna Design Group Inc

    Websites | Usability Testing | App Development | CMS | AMS | Social Media | Mobile | Responsive Design | SEO

    McKenna Design Group Inc
  • Creative & Communications
    McKenna Design Group Inc

    Brand Identity | Campaigns | Direct Mail | Annual Reports | Publications | E-Blasts | Sales Materials | Brochures | Video

    McKenna Design Group Inc
  • New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
    New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Meeting planners ranked the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center first out of forty destinations in the category of new or expanded convention centers in the Metropoll XIV, Volume II Report. The report also ranked the center above average in the Center’s proximity to activities and hotel rooms making it the ideal location for your event.  The Center contains over one million square feet of contiguous exhibit space, 140 meeting rooms, two ballrooms, and a 4,000 seat auditorium

    New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention...
  • Niagara Parks Commission
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Scotiabank Convention Centre
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Queen's Landing Inn
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Hilton Garden Inn
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Radisson Hotel & Suites Fallsview
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Americana Conference Resort & Spa
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Wyndham Garden
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Best Western Plus Cairn Croft
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • White Oaks Resort & Spa
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Courtyard by Marriott
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Hilton Hotel & Suites Fallsview
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Sheraton on the Falls
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Marriott Gateway on the Falls
    Niagara Falls Tourism

    Niagara Falls Tourism
  • Benchmarking & Financial Performance Reports
    Legacy Professionals LLP

    We prepare customized reports to assist Board members and management in understanding their organization's financial situation.  These reports contain key performance indicators, narrative analysis, graphs, ratios, and sector comparisons that will allow the organization to objectively analyze its financial data.  This analysis reveals key trends over time, changes in financial performance, and relationships between the numbers that will help our clients measure their organization’s effectiveness of activities, use of resources, progress towards goals, and success with regards to their stated mission.  The report will benchmark your organization against similar organizations. 

    Legacy Professionals LLP
  • Audit & Accounting
    Legacy Professionals LLP

    Legacy Professionals LLP's audit and accounting services range from bookkeeping and financial statement preparation to financial statement audits.  We can help you achieve the degree of accountability you need and find practical, cost-effective ways to comply with new and changing rules that affect your organization every day.

    Our experience allows us to identify opportunities for you to improve your operations and get the financial information you need to manage it well. We work with our clients on a year-round basis, promptly answering questions and providing counsel.

    Legacy Professionals LLP
  • Tax
    Legacy Professionals LLP

    Legacy's tax services include tax planning, compliance, and return preparation.  At Legacy, we prepare over 500 Forms 990.  Whether we are assisting our clients through a quality control review of client-prepared filings or are supplying direct preparation services, our clients can count on timely and knowledgeable support from the tax professionals at Legacy.  We also provide wide-ranging planning services to our clients.  Our focus in these and other matters is always to encourage our clients towards active planning based on a clear understanding of the client's overall goals.

    All members of our staff have participated in a diverse variety of federal, state, and local legislative and regulatory matters.  As a valuable part of our client service team, the tax professionals at Legacy integrate actively with other Legacy staff and the client's personnel in order to meet the client's goals and deadlines.

    Legacy Professionals LLP
  • Mobile Event Apps

    We create unique Mobile Event Apps to meet the specific needs of your conference. We offer a variety of flexible modules that will help increase attendee engagement and conference organization.

  • eBook Creation & Distribution

    We'll convert your files into an eReader-friendly (both ePub and Mobi).

  • Conference CDs & Flash Drives

    We offer CD and Flash Drive duplication and replication. We'll even assist you in the design work for your digital media and packaging.

  • Print-On-Demand and Order Fulfillment

    Managing inventory is easy with our print-on-demand solution. Print only the quantity you need, when you need it, and manage your orders via our easy-to-use order fulfillment system.

  • Online Abstract Collection, Management & Review Systems

    Our online collection system makes it easy to collect, manage and review all speaker materials from abstracts to final presentations. It also makes scheduling and communicating with speakers easy.

  • Digital Publishing Platforms

    Online platform which allows organization to put their educational content online. Digital Publishing Platform features include: access management, search engine optimization, search functionality and easily updateable.

  • Print & Digital Media Production
    Documation LLC

    •   Conference/Meeting Materials
    •   Continuing Education/Training Manuals
    •   Marketing/Promotional Brochures
    •   Magazines
    •   CD-ROM/DVD/USB/Online Services
    •   Directories
    •   Published Books
    •   Journals
    •   And much more!

    Documation LLC
  • Industry Leading Printer With a Great Reputation
    Documation LLC


    •   We are nationally recognized for printing and design excellence
    •   We are an award-winning printing company
    •   We have earned recognition as a “Best Workplace in America” company
    •   We are members of numerous marketplace and industry associations
    •   We are America’s Association Printer

    Documation LLC
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective Printing & Services
    Documation LLC

    •   We are competitive and work within your budget
    •   We offer cost-saving options
    •   We provide proofing options tailored to your requirements
    •   We deliver products on time
    •   Our process is smoothly executed to make your job easier

    Documation LLC
  • Single-Source Printer
    Documation LLC

    •   We offer superior-quality print and digital-media products
    •   We manage, create, produce, and distribute from our leading-edge facilities
    •   Our Account Reps are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable
    •   Our Designers and Typesetters are creative and flexible
    •   We provide a wide variety of printing, bindery, mailing, and fulfillment options

    Documation LLC
  • Meeting Planning & Logistics
    Minding Your Business Inc.

    The best plans can go awry without amazingly skilled professionals providing support behind the scenes. That's why we not only provide strategy and meeting design, but we have an outstanding logistics team to assure we make it happen flawlessly from start to finish. They provide these services and more: 

    • Sourcing & contract negotiations
    • Event planning
    • On site staffing & execution 
    • Budget management 
    • Registration 
    • Speaker/VIP management 

    Minding Your Business Inc.
  • Meeting Design & Event Production
    Minding Your Business Inc.

    NEW THINK meeting design extends far beyond the traditional nuts and bolts of bringing your members together once a year. Our team designs an experience that amplifies your message and engages your attendees before, during and after your meeting. We are also experts at bringing the experience to life with flawleess production. We handle these needs and more: 

    • Experiential Touchpoint Mapping and IQ
    • Conference Branding 
    • General Session management
    • Attendee engagement tactics

    Minding Your Business Inc.
  • Marketing & Audience Acquisition
    Minding Your Business Inc.

    These days marketing has to do more than get your members listening to you -- it has to get them talking about you, too. With a proven track record of executing effective customized communication plans, MYB keeps upt to date on the best marketing trends to keep you on your targets' minds and in their conversations year-round. Some of our key marketing services include: 

    • Marketing & Communications plans
    • 365 member engagement 
    • Segmentation
    • Brand assessments and full-brand design 
    • Creative development and execution 
    • Websites & online marketing 
    • Social Media strategies & execution 

    Minding Your Business Inc.
  • Association Strategy
    Minding Your Business Inc.

    Every building start with blueprints. Every winning sports team uses game planes. We are complete believers that your projects should be no different. Starting with a solid strategic foundation is the key to success, so we offer services that can help you get there, including: 

    • Strategic Analysis & Planning
    • Board Facilitation
    • Monetization/New Revenue Streams
    • Strategic Sponsorship & Partnership Programs
    • Organizational & Annual Meeting Assessment 
    • Research 

    Minding Your Business Inc.
  • SOC Reports
    Johnson Lambert & Co LLP

    The demand for transparency and compliance with regulations has positioned SOC reports as the premier monitoring tool. Find the transparency you need by having us, an independent service auditor, evaluate the sufficiency, design, and operating effectiveness of controls surrounding client impacting processing. As regulators, customers and other stakeholders place an increased emphasis on your organization’s internal controls, we can assist you in responding to their concerns.

    Our experience in insurance, not-for-profit, and employee benefit plan industry niches makes us uniquely qualified to perform service organization control audits for a variety of types of service organizations serving those niches, including -

    • Third party administrators
    • Claims administrators
    • Benefits administrators
    • Underwriting administrators
    • Benefit plan recordkeepers
    • Managing general agents (“MGA”)
    • Captive insurance man...

    Johnson Lambert & Co LLP
  • Regulatory Services
    Johnson Lambert & Co LLP

    Our dedicated Regulatory Services team has an in-depth understanding of the NAIC’s risk-focused surveillance approach to insurance regulation. Each examination we perform begins by gaining an understanding of your concerns, priorities, preferences and timeline, as well as state-specific statutes, regulations and requirements. With that knowledge, Johnson Lambert strives to perform the highest quality examination in the most efficient manner possible.

    Johnson Lambert & Co LLP
  • SEC Audit
    Johnson Lambert & Co LLP

    We understand the scrutiny placed on your public company financial statements including the need to perform an integrated audit and answer to your stakeholders. You can expect proactive involvement by our senior team, from partners to managers, as we are driven to answer your needs for effective and efficient audit results.

    We are registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and perform audit services for SEC registrants. As a PCAOB-registered firm, we are subject to periodic inspection by the PCAOB. A PCAOB Inspection includes a review of certain aspects of selected audits performed by the firm and reviews of other matters related to the firm’s quality control system. Our most recent PCAOB Inspection Report issued by the PCAOB does not describe any quality control deficiencies.

    Johnson Lambert & Co LLP
  • Financial Statement Audit
    Johnson Lambert & Co LLP

    Each financial statement audit we perform begins by gaining an understanding of your business. With that knowledge, we apply a risk-based audit approach which consists of three-phases: planning, year-end fieldwork and reporting. A risk-based audit involves customizing our procedures to specifically respond to the unique risks affecting your organization and the financial reporting process. This risk assessment approach allows us to develop a tailored audit approach responsive to your risk profile and specific needs.

    Johnson Lambert & Co LLP
  • Conrad Indianapolis
    Visit Indy

    The luxurious Conrad Indianapolis will receive its first internal facelift of $1 million in 2013, updating furnishings and décor. The property features 243 elegant guestrooms, an exquisite Gallery Suite, 15,000 sq. ft. of meeting and event space, Evan Todd Spa and Salon, Tastings wine bar, and Capital Grille. The hotel also displays fine art by Picasso, Dali and more.

    Conrad Indianapolis
  • The Alexander
    Visit Indy

    In the heart of Indy's newest downtown neighborhood, CityWay, is The Alexander, a luxury conference center hotel designed like an art museum. Dolce's $44 million property opened January 2013 as an IACC hotel seeking LEED-Silver certification. Over $2 million in contemporary art and 12 site-specific installations are displayed throughout the property, which has 209 guest rooms and 16,500 sq. ft. of meeting and event space. 

    The Alexander
  • Sheraton City Centre
    Visit Indy

    This property overlooks Monument Circle with 378 rooms, 16,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, and a rooftop pool.

    Sheraton City Centre
  • Columbia Club
    Visit Indy

    This historic property on Monument Circle has 17,000 sq. ft. of meeting space and 97 guest rooms.

    Columbia Club
  • Omni Severin Hotel
    Visit Indy

    The four-diamond Omni Severin will complete a $15 million renovation to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2013. The first phase updated guest rooms and meeting space, and the latest phase invests in the lobby and three new dining options. The swanky Severin Bar offers finely crafted cocktails and local brews, 1913 Restaurant serves rustic, farm-to-table fare showcasing the foods of yesteryear from the farms of today, and Wine Thief – a sophisticated bar featuring small plates and fine wines.

    Omni Severin Hotel
  • Embassy Suites
    Visit Indy

    Embassy Suites features 24,000 sq. ft. of meeting space and two-room suites connected to the convention center with direct access to Circle Centre mall.

    Embassy Suites
  • Hyatt Regency
    Visit Indy

    The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis completed a $20 million transformation in 2012 that updated 499 guestrooms and suites and completely redesigned their revolving rooftop restaurant, The Eagle’s Nest - awarded Top 50 “Most Scenic View and Most Romantic Restaurant” in the United States by OpenTable. The renovation is the most extensive in the 35-year history of the city’s first premier downtown conference and event hotel.

    Hyatt Regency
  • Westin Indianapolis
    Visit Indy

    Connected to the convention center, this 573-room hotel offers 39,000 sq. ft. of meeting space and one of the city's top restaurants, Shula's Steak House.

    Westin Indianapolis
  • Crowne Plaza at Historic Union Station
    Visit Indy

    The historic Crowne Plaza at America’s first Union Station will receive an $8 million overhaul in 2013 to upgrade guest rooms, meeting space and dining outlets. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this 273-room property is connected to the convention center and is known for its authentic Pullman train car rooms resting on original tracks.

    Crowne Plaza at Historic Union Station
  • Hilton Indianapolis Downtown
    Visit Indy

    The Hilton downtown offers 28,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, spacious guest rooms and board rooms on nearly every floor.

    Hilton Indianapolis Downtown
  • JW Marriott & Marriott Place Complex
    Visit Indy

    The innovative Marriott Place opened in 2011 connected to the convention center and anchored by the world's largest JW Marriott - a 1,005-room hotel boasting 104,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Attached to the JW Marriott are Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn & Suites, and SpringHill Suites, offering visitors various service level and price-point options. Indianapolis Marriott Downtown features 40,000 sq. ft. of meeting space and 622 restyled guestrooms.

    JW Marriott & Marriott Place Complex
  • Indiana State Fairgrounds
    Visit Indy

    With more than 250 acres, 1 million square feet of event space, and 17 distinct buildings, the Indiana State Fairgrounds has ample space and secure parking as well as unique offerings to make your event memorable. Whether displaying railroad treasures, hosting an agricultural group, or showing the year’s hottest trends in home and garden, the Fairgrounds will exceed your and your attendee’s expectations. From the Blue Ribbon Pavilion which is ideal for large consumer shows to a 1.5-mile track and 8,200-seat Coliseum, there is a venue for every occasion.

    Indiana State Fairgrounds
  • Bankers Life Fieldhouse
    Visit Indy

    The newly transformed Georgia Street, a pedestrian-friendly and European-style promenade, connects retro-style Bankers Life Fieldhouse to the Indiana Convention Center. Sports Business Journal named it the finest basketball venue in the country, and Ultimate Sports Road Trip named it ‘best of the best’ of venues housing major professional sports franchises.

    The Fieldhouse can be utilized year-round by events ranging from concerts to rodeos with audiences in excess of 18,000. Additional smaller venues in the building are well-suited for more intimate gatherings.

    Bankers Life Fieldhouse
  • Lucas Oil Stadium
    Visit Indy

    Lucas Oil Stadium, home of Super Bowl 2012, is a multi-functional venue with limitless possibilities in the heart of the city. Unique and memorable spaces abound in this facility that is easily accessible by foot from downtown hotels. The stadium offers 183,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space, 11 loading docks, 12 meeting rooms, a retractable roof that can be closed in 15 minutes, and seating for 63,000. The stadium is also connected to the Indiana Convention Center by a climate-controlled walkway. This connectivity is the hallmark of the Indianapolis experience.

    Lucas Oil Stadium
  • Indiana Convention Center
    Visit Indy

    Indianapolis offers the most connected meetings package out there. The Indiana Convention Center is connected via climate-controlled skywalks to a four-story mall and 4,700 hotel rooms – that’s more hotel rooms than any other city in the country! And over 250 restaurants and 50 major attractions are just steps away.

    The $275 million expansion of the center in 2011 nearly doubled it in size to offer 566,600 sq. ft. of contiguous exhibit space in 11 halls plus 71 meeting rooms, 49 loading docks, and three ballrooms. The Sagamore Ballroom features 33,335 sq. ft. of column-free space, sophisticated acoustics, and theater-style seating for 3,400.

    Indiana Convention Center
  • Knowledge Direct for Medical Associations
    Digitec Interactive

    Knowledge Direct® MED is an award winning learning management system (LMS) which has been specifically designed to address the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Medical specialty societies use the innovative LMS for continuing medical education (CME), maintenance of certification (MOC), self-assessments (SEP) and training courses.

    The Knowledge Direct Medical Learning Management System (LMS) features:

    • MOC Part IV Tool
    • Built-in Learner Registration
    • Built-in, Real-time Learner Reports
    • Automated Student Tracking and Certificate Generation
    • eCommerce Functionality and Built-in Shopping Cart
    • Integration with Association Management Systems (AMS)
    • Integration with Certification and Accreditation Agencies, like ABIM
    • Built-in e-Learning Course Creation Tools

    Knowledge Direct for Medical Association...
  • Knowledge Direct for Associations
    Digitec Interactive

    Knowledge Direct® for Associations is an easy-to-use, complete learning management system (LMS) that provides an integrated course catalog, shopping cart, student registration, eTranscripts, reports, and an integrated content authoring tool.

    Knowledge Direct empowers your association to create, market and sell professional development & training, continuing education and certification opportunities to members and non-members.

    With Knowledge Direct for Associations you can:

    • Add value to your membership!
    • Attract new members!
    • Increase non-dues revenue!
    • Create a more consistent revenue stream!
    • Automate processes!
    • Expedite credentialing process!
    • Reduce cost associated with manual grading and certification!
    • Expand your association's reach!

    Knowledge Direct for Associations
  • eCareer Mentor
    National Healthcare Career Network

    Successful executives from Bill Gates (Microsoft) to Bill Hewlett (HP) have said mentoring was a major factor in their success, and research proves that mentoring programs help both the mentor and the mentee. In addition, research shows that professionals in successful mentoring relationships retain an allegiance to both their counterparts and the group that brought them together. Now, Boxwood makes it easier for mentors and mentees to connect. Boxwood’s eCareerMentor module simplifies the organization of your association’s own mentoring program and allows you to provide your members the advanced tools they need to further their careers. Our eCareerMentor module fits seamlessly into your existing job board, and automates the initial meet-up between mentors and mentees. It is an affordable, easy-to-implement feature that will help you add another layer of exciting member benefits to your website and online career center.

    National Healthcare Career Network
  • MarketPlace
    National Healthcare Career Network

    Providing users with a relevant industry resource empowers your virtual community and brings more relevance to your association, and the right kind of traffic to your website. This fully-hosted system allows your association to tailor classifieds to your specific industry giving you the ability to personalize and trademark your own site. There is no other system as targeted that provides a platform to produce an additional stream of non-dues revenue and meet the exclusive needs of your audience.

    National Healthcare Career Network
  • Career Learning Centers
    National Healthcare Career Network

    Our Career Learning Center is a place for members to visit to acquire career and professional development training. Our online portal enables members to access educational material at their convenience. The basic version of the Career Learning Center includes career-centric educational modules provided by Boxwood in a Starter Library. We’ll periodically add to the library to help keep the material fresh.

    National Healthcare Career Network
  • Career Fair System
    National Healthcare Career Network

    The Boxwood Career Fair System increases your success with online and onsite job fairs by helping job seekers and employers connect in advance via your job board. You’re free to generate more participation and stage a well-organized, high-value experience that delivers more non-dues revenue for your organization.

    National Healthcare Career Network
  • Career Development Program
    National Healthcare Career Network

    Whether your members need help writing a resume, negotiating a higher salary or promotion, adjusting to a new management position, or simply want to balance life and work, your career center can offer the tools they appreciate at every stage of their career—from graduation into retirement.

    National Healthcare Career Network
  • Job Board Program
    National Healthcare Career Network

    Our job board technology allows you to generate significant non-dues revenue and satisfy members with a popular benefit that’s easy to deliver. We manage customer support, billing and collections, and provide proven marketing guidance to help you generate the best possible results.

    National Healthcare Career Network
  • 2015-16 Association Compensation and Benefits Survey
    Association Forum Buyers Guide

    It's been a long-time challenge for associations to find the best ways to fairly compensate employees while still attracting and retaining the most desirable candidates. Underpay, and employees will eventually look for a better offer. Overpay, and your budgets and profitability will suffer. That’s why it’s imperative that you reference the Association Forum of Chicagoland’s 2015-16 Compensation & Benefits Survey. Don’t allow others to determine the market for you.

    2015-16 Association Compensation and Ben...
  • Forum Forward
    Association Forum Buyers Guide

    Forum Forward ® (FFWD) is Association Forum’s completely reimagined annual meeting.

    FFWD is a learning lab where we continuously introduce innovations to provide a dynamic and thought-provoking experience that encourages members to create similar and unique learning experiences in their environments. At FFWD, we focus on what is next in associations.

    FFWD promises to connect bright minds, brilliant ideas and big opportunities. This is a full-day program that includes inventive and experientially designed learning opportunities.

    Forum Forward